OOO Free RAM to WM Video Converter

OOO Free RAM to WM Video Converter 1.3

Tiny useful utility to transform your RealMedia files into WM video files
1.3.4 (See all)

OOO Free RAM to WM Video Converter is an extremely easy-to-use software utility to re-encode your Real Media videos into Windows Media video files. Its clear and intuitive interface makes it a perfect tool for novice users and for anyone who simply requires a tiny tool that can convert a small amount of RAM files quickly and efficiently.

Take note that this video conversion tool includes no support for batch processing, which means that your RM or RAM files will be converted into WMV one at a time only. The program comes with three simple output profiles for you to choose from, which will produce WMV files based on their different settings –a Windows Media Video standard quality profile, another WMV profile especially devised for Zune players, and a third and last profile for PocketPCs and PDAs. To make things even easier for inexperienced users, these profiles cannot be modified or customized in any way.

The conversion process itself is fairly fast and reliable. The resulting video files will retain as much as possible of the original quality, always taking into account the settings of the output profile selected.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Clear interface with just the functionality you need to convert your files


  • Batch conversion is not supported
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